Oral health is as important as any other form of health. Sometimes it is ignored or downplayed, but just like our eyes, oral health is a window inside of how our health is truly doing. Many believe once their teeth are brushed, they are good and have taken care of their mouth. That is only part of it. For some, brushing the tongue seems like an unnatural thing to do. But taking a moment to brush this area will make your mouth feel refreshed, healthier, and energized. It helps complete your daily oral care routine and compliments your overall oral health. It is one of the recommended steps Dr. Sedaros, an oral surgeon in Melbourne, Fl advocates for all his patients.

Preventative Care

Oral care is important for our overall health. With over 700 different types of bacteria found in the mouth, avoid, or minimize dental surgery by taking care of your oral health. Some of the bacteria are easy to remove by just brushing. This makes brushing the tongue a form of preventive care. Imagine ridding the mouth of harmful bacteria by just brushing your tongue. That makes this an easy step everyone should do to boost their overall oral care.

Your Breath

Many don’t realize it, but the tongue is a breeding ground for oral health problems. They soak up and absorb bacteria found in our mouths. When you skip brushing your tongue, you run the risk of multiplying oral bacteria, which could lead to dental problems and health problems in general. Many are willing to brush their tongue when they learn bad breath is born there. That bacteria buildup turns into a foul odor that is released as bad breath each time you open your mouth. Who doesn’t want fresh breath? Luckily, the easy remedy is to brush your whole mouth.


There is a type of bacteria called biofilm. This bacteria blocks taste buds, making it hard to taste the full flavor of your food and drink. Biofilm bacteria, if left to remain on the tongue, contribute to dental plaque. When you don’t brush your tongue, the food you eat can get stuck there. This includes the drinks you consume as well. The bacteria on your tongue is covered in food and drink and if not removed by brushing, your tongue becomes discolored with the remnants of food and bacteria particles living there.

Oral Thrush

A type of yeast infection, called oral thrush, can form in the mouth when tongue care is neglected. Brushing the tongue is not an effective way to get rid of oral thrush, a type of antifungal prescription from your physician will be needed. This could be avoided if oral tongue brushing care is a part of your daily oral health care.

Gum Disease

A major oral health hazard is gum disease. This is caused by bacteria found in our mouths. We can reduce this problem with regular oral care that includes brushing the tongue.  Oral care is a part of wellness care. Taking easy preventive steps like brushing your whole mouth will not only freshen your breath but will help keep bacteria under control.

Tongue Scrapers

There are specific tools you can use to brush your tongue, even a regular toothbrush can get the job done. Using a specialized scraper helps ensure bacteria is scraped off the tongue. It is recommended that you start at the back of the tongue and gently scrape forward to pull the bacteria from the back all the way out to the front then rinse the scraper. It is recommended by dentists as the best way to remove bacteria and biofilm that may be developing on the tongue. If you don’t have a scraper handy, you can use a regular toothbrush. If you use a toothbrush, rinse it under warm water, then start at the back of the tongue and gently work your way forward. Rinse your mouth thoroughly to rid all bacteria loosened during your tongue brushing treatment.

Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants

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