As your Melbourne, FL oral surgery associates our goal is to provide treatment that increases both comfort and dental health. If you still have your wisdom teeth, removal may be considered even before they begin causing you pain.

Wisdom teeth are technically your third molars, and are located in the very back of your mouth. An average mouth is capable of containing 28 teeth comfortably but additional four wisdom teeth can cause pain. Due to the lack of space, wisdom teeth cannot erupt correctly and typically require surgical removal. Wisdom teeth can erupt sideways, partially, or not at all, which can disrupt your mouth’s proper alignment and healthy gum tissue. Early removal is favored in order to decrease risk and avoid future issues.

Contact Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery and Dental Implants for an evaluation, before your wisdom teeth begin causing pain. While it may seem counterintuitive to schedule surgery before you start to experience pain, early treatment will prevent future pain and additional dental problems down the road.