Everyone knows that wisdom teeth can be a pain. Literally and figuratively. Overcrowding caused by the third molars can cause discomfort in your whole body, not just your mouth. Most people believe that wisdom teeth must be removed as soon as they come in, however this is not always the case. Wisdom tooth removal is a serious surgery that can also cause complications. When dealing with wisdom teeth, it’s important to have the eyes of a skilled oral surgeon on your side. At our Melbourne, Florida office Dr. Sedaros can asses your wisdom tooth condition and help you decide if you would benefit more from removal, or leaving the wisdom teeth where they emerge.

Understanding When Extraction is Beneficial

For a majority of people wisdom tooth extraction is an obvious answer. When you reach age 17 or 18, you begin to have pain in your jaw. As these new molars emerge, it becomes painfully obvious that something is wrong. These teeth can push on the other teeth in your mouth and cause them to shift, this shifting can make it harder to clean and may result in more cavities. Because the teeth can shift this can also alter your occlusion and cause further damage in the form of breaking and cracks. As they emerge they can also cause gum inflammation that can result in red, swollen, and sometimes bloody gums. Inflamed gum tissues can also result in bad breath due to the bacteria that is now trapped in the opening of the gum. Another very real issue many people have with newly emerging wisdom teeth is the threat and instance of abscesses. These are pockets of bacteria that can cause severe decay and damage to both tooth, periodontal, and gingival tissues. These must be removed professionally by an oral surgeon and taken care of with extreme attention in order to heal properly.

These new teeth can also push on nerves in your face. Specifically the cluster of nerves call the trigeminal nerve. This cluster is one of 12 nerves that connect directly to your brain stem and provide all the feeling to your face. As the wisdom teeth emerge they can press upon the blood vessels that lead to these nerves and cause extreme headaches, and even more localized pain to the upper and lower jaw. When your emerging wisdom teeth impact your trigeminal nerve, it is extremely important that you seek the aid of a skilled oral surgeon. Dr. Sedaros will be able to help you understand how your wisdom teeth are impacting and what he can do to remove them before they do extensive damage.

When your wisdom teeth are giving you pain, it can be very obvious that they need removed. However because so many people have their wisdom teeth removed, it has become a “rite of passage” that many believe they need even if they are not in pain. Some say that it’s best to remove them before they do any damage, cause pain, or even before they are sent off to college. But, for a lucky few wisdom teeth will never cause any problems.

Why We Leave Non-problematic Wisdom Teeth

Performing unnecessary surgery of any kind is never advised. If your wisdom teeth are not causing you any pain or discomfort, there is no reason to extract. In fact, unnecessary extraction can cause many serious, and sometimes lasting problems.

Sinus Problems

Taking something out of the body is never an insignificant procedure. The upper set of wisdom teeth are separated from the sinus cavity by a very thin slice of tissue. Unnecessary extraction can agitate and even open the sinuses, causing extreme pain and infection susceptibility. While sinus damage and infection is a risk with any wisdom tooth extraction, performing this procedure unnecessarily is a risk that never needed to be taken.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a serious surgery that takes consideration and should only be performed under the right circumstances. As an experienced Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon, Dr. Sedaros knows the risks and rewards of wisdom tooth extraction. If you are wondering whether or not to have your set of third molars removed give our office a call today. After a consultation, we can help you decide if this procedure is right for you.