Impacted wisdom teeth pose a significant health risk to everyday Americans. More than 5 million people undergo oral surgery each year due to pain, discomfort, and infection. Nearly one-quarter of the population has impacted teeth that could prove problematic at any time.

At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants, we provide the safe, pain-free dental surgery Melbourne community members deserve. We hope this information helps you and your family proactively avoid unnecessary conditions due to impacted wisdom teeth.

How Do Teeth Become Impacted?

It’s important to understand that “wisdom teeth” are the third molars in the rear of your mouth. They are typically the last adult teeth to break through the gumline. When they do not have enough room to surface, these molars become impacted in the jaw. There are several types of impacted teeth, including the following:

  • Distal Impaction: Considered rare, distal impaction involves third molars pointing toward the rear of the mouth.
  • Horizontal Impaction: The wisdom teeth are trapped sideways under the gumline in these cases. Horizontally impacted teeth can be extremely painful.
  • Mesial Impaction: This is the most prevalent type of impaction. The third molars are angled and pointing toward the front of the mouth.
  • Vertical Impaction: Molars can start coming in correctly and still get stuck in the jaw. Dentistry professionals refer to this as vertical impaction.

In many cases, they lie quietly without causing any pain or discomfort. People can live with these molars below the gumline for decades, even a lifetime. However, impacted wisdom teeth can trigger pain in several ways.

Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Upwards of 90 percent of the population has at least one tooth impacted.  Impacted molars can pose a problem at any time in someone’s life. The most common age at which they are removed by an oral surgeon is between 16 and 22. If you or a family member experiences any of these telltale signs, schedule an appointment with a Melbourne oral surgeon.

  • Experience Jaw or Facial Pain
  • Notice Swelling of the Jaw or Face
  • Gums Appear Red or Swollen
  • Gums Start to Bleed
  • Unusual Bad Breath, i.e. halitosis
  • Find it Difficult to Open Your Mouth

Impacted molars can also put pressure on bone structures, leading to chronic headaches. If you or a loved one experiences these symptoms, your dentist can perform a routine examination. An X-ray can determine whether the third molars are impacted or if another condition requires professional intervention.

How Dental Surgery for Wisdom Teeth Works

Dental patients are typically placed under anesthesia during a wisdom tooth removal procedure. That means you will not be awake or feel discomfort during the oral surgery. Extractions can generally be performed in less than one hour. They involve making an incision into the gums, removing some of the bone surrounding the molars, and breaking it up for extraction. The area is then cleansed, and the gums are sutured. Patients who undergo oral surgery need to plan their transportation.

You cannot operate a motor vehicle until the anesthetic completely wears off. Post-oral surgery instructions may involve:

  • Not drinking hot beverages
  • Frequently rinsing the mouth
  • Abstaining from smoking and chewing tobacco products
  • Resting for at least 24 hours

As an oral surgeon providing services to Melbourne, we urge patients to follow their post-procedure instructions. Your recovery program may call for steps that reflect unique health conditions.

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Patients are advised to follow a dental surgeon’s recommendations to avoid infection and other post-removal issues. People who undergo successful wisdom tooth removal and recovery enjoy the following long-term benefits:

  • Prevent Future Infections
  • Avoid Unnecessary Tooth Decay
  • Restore the Ability to Chew Food
  • Resolve Problems Associated with Bad Breath

Having impacted wisdom teeth removed at an early age requires thoughtful consideration. Sometimes, it may be prudent to schedule a procedure before the impacted teeth pose a serious health risk.

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