As your resource for dental implants in Melbourne we love to see our patients smile! While you might think that a smile is simply a smile, there are several different categories in which a smile can fall into, and we’d like to share those categories with you below.

  • Drop-jaw smile. Commonly seen among public figures when giving speeches. The act of the jaw drop engages the audience and shares an impression of lightheartedness.
  • Turn-away smile. Smiling as a person turns away can yield a playful, mixed expression where it’s both welcoming and avoiding at the same time.
  • Close-lipped smile. This type of smile can be an indicator that someone is not sharing the whole story with you.
  • Tight-lipped smile. Smiles that are stretched without showing any teeth can lead people to think that you are hiding something from them. This is often the go-to smile when a person would rather remain quiet on a certain subject.
  • Lopsided smile. This twisted smile typically reveals mixed emotions.
  • Forced smile. A person’s eyes can be very telling when determining whether a smile is authentic. In a forced smile, the person’s eyes are not typically engaged.
  • Genuine smile. This smile conveys honest emotions and happiness is easily communicated to other people.
  • This is occurs when facial muscles contact to draw lips toward the ears. This type of smile typically occurs when a person is being disrespectful.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery we hope you found the different types of smiles to be interesting as we did. If you’re interested in dental implants in Melbourne, we would love to get you smiling again!