What Is All The Excitement About PRP?

Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants stays up to date on the newest technologies so that you have the best experience with our office. Platelet rich plasma is a healing technique that has been used for many years in hospitals but gained widespread attention in the field of sports medicine and it is now making waves among oral surgeons and their patients.

PRP, is a sort of medical fertilizer, made by spinning down a person’s own blood in a centrifuge until it becomes a rich, concentrated mixture of plasma (the clear, straw-colored liquid component of blood) and platelets (one type of blood cell that prevents bleeding and attracts growth factors.) The PRP is injected directly onto injured tissue to speed healing. This technique was formerly confined to hospitals for surgical use only because it’s expensive and requires large quantities of blood. However, more recent technology has allowed the process to be done in a physician’s office, with very small amounts of a patient’s own blood. The self-donation of the blood prevents the fear of disease transmission as a result of blood donated by others. There are many other advantages to PRP, such as:

Safety: PRP is a by-product of the patient’s own blood, therefore, disease transmission is not an issue.

Convenience: PRP can be generated in the doctor’s office while the patient is undergoing an outpatient surgical procedure, such as placement of dental implants.

Faster healing: The supersaturation of the wound with PRP, and thus growth factors, produces an increase of tissue synthesis and thus faster tissue regeneration.

Cost effectiveness: Since PRP harvesting is done with only 55 cc of blood in the doctor’s office, the patient need not incur the expense of the harvesting procedure in hospital or at the blood bank.

Ease of use: PRP is easy to handle and actually improves the ease of application of bone substitute materials and bone grafting products by making them more gel-like.

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