As spring begins in the sunny state of Florida, so too does the chances of becoming a victim of facial trauma.  Although this sort of trauma is apt to happen to anyone under any circumstances, the start of team sports, balmy surf weather, and family vacations, the risk of suffering from a broken jaw or broken teeth tends to increase. Luckily if you are fated to experience facial trauma this year, your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon is well equipped and experienced to repair and replace any broken teeth.

How does Facial Trauma Happen?

Facial trauma can happen at any time. Whenever an undue amount of force is placed on the facial tissues they can become damaged. Certain risk factors can make bones more susceptible to trauma, however, a surfboard to the face will always inflict some degree of damage. Contact sports, working with heavy machinery or materials, accidents are main causes of facial trauma. The degree of trauma will change the amount of care a person needs. Some may need surgery, some stitches, others may only need the placement of a dental implant to repair lost or broken teeth.

Repair of Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is a multifaceted issue. Not only can it mar the patient’s appearance, it can also severely impact the function of the mouth. Not being able to eat or speak properly along with a lasting facial scar can cost an emotional and physical toll. This Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon understands how traumatic the incident and aftermath can be, which is why Dr. Sedaros does his best to not only treat facial trauma but to repair the facial tissue to minimize scarring.

Soft Tissue Laceration

Lacerations are cuts that happen to the soft tissue. Lacerations to the lips, tongue, and cheek are common facial traumas. To repair this type of trauma the cut must be sutured back together. The soft tissues of the mouth are extremely important, not only do they contain skin and fat that make our faces unique, but also the muscles that move our mouths and enable us to speak and eat. If these muscles are no stitched back together properly these everyday functions can be difficult to perform. The soft tissues of the oral region also contain salivary glands and nerves that must be properly positioned and reattached to return the patient back to normal. Further if the skin is not sutured with care and precision an aesthetically displeasing scar can form and cause the patient further self esteem issues.

Avulsed Teeth

Avulsed teeth are teeth that are knocked out due to facial trauma. This is also another common form of facial trauma. The teeth are held in the jaw by the periodontal ligament. When this ligament becomes jarred during trauma it can loosen the teeth and they often fall out. If a tooth is knocked out of the mouth during trauma it is imperative to see your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon as soon as possible. If he can reinsert the tooth in the socket the remaining ligament may fuse together and return the tooth to normal function. However, if the tooth cannot be immediately repositioned, dental implants, endodontics and other treatments may be possible to restore the tooth and its integrity.

Fractured Bone

Bone fractures, either in the jaw or maxillo-facial region are the third and often the most difficult to treat facial trauma. When the bones of the face break it takes a skilled surgeon with years of experience to put the pieces back together and provide their patient with a high quality of life as well as restored function and aesthetics. Depending on the severity of the fracture there are many routes Dr. Sedaros can take to repair your facial bones. Because you cannot use a cast to stabilize the bones of the face for the length of time needed to heal, other measures are utilized. Often a “wiring” of the jaw is performed. This will keep the bones in place and has proved to sever a faster recovery.

Facial trauma is a difficult ordeal to suffer. However, with the help of a dedicated and skilled oral surgeon, you can have your life pieced back in no time. Nobody can predict facial trauma, but having an experienced and compassionate oral surgeon in this time can make all the difference on your road to recovery.