Oral surgery is no small thing. Yes,most people experience this type of surgery at least once in their life in the form of wisdom tooth removal; however, there are many reasons why people must undergo oral surgery. As many reasons are there are for “going under the knife” there are just as many worries and misgivings. At our Melbourne, Florida oral surgery practice we do our best to calm the nerves of our patients by discovering where their apprehension lies and doing our best to minimize that cause of distress. Here are a few of the top fears about oral surgery and why we believe you shouldn’t be so scared.

  1. Anesthesia – The administration of anesthesia is understandably the top concern of people who are prescribed not just oral surgery, but any type of surgery. The science of anesthesiology is exact, anesthesiologists attend years of schooling to become experts in how to administer the drugs that will allow you to have a pain-free, memory-free surgical experience. However many people worry about all the things that could go wrong while under the supervision of a stranger. They take to heart horror stories of people who have woken up during surgery, those who have died during surgery, and are particularly worried about not waking up after the procedure. While it is true that many things can go wrong, by understanding and preparing for anesthesia many of those fears will never come to pass. When first an order of oral surgery is given, a patient is given what seems like a laundry list of things they must remember to do and not do before surgery. This, is what lets the uneasiness set in. No eating or drinking for 24 hours,  and even the direction of no nail polish can make a patient worry about what is going to happen. However, at Sedaros Oral Surgery you will be taken through these preparations one by one to learn why they are necessary. Understanding that by following these you give the anesthesiologist the best foot to start off on, and the success of your procedure will follow in tow. Another thing to keep in mind is that an anesthesiologist well equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. They are there in the operating room to monitor you the entire time and ensure your safety.
  2. The procedure will not fix my problem – Having doubts in a major surgery like oral surgery is also a common worry. Coupled with the fear that you may have to come back for additional surgery if this one doesn’t go as planned, fear of procedural failure is also enough to have a person put off oral surgery for quite some time. The oral tissues are both fragile and unbelievably strong at the same time. There are a lot of different parts to take into consideration when performing oral surgery. Placement of sinuses, knowledge of the location of nerve bundles, brittle-disease riddled bone, and tooth arrangement and interdependence are all things that come into play. While Dr. Sedaros understands that these are legitimate and real fears, he would love his patients to know that they are in extremely good hands. He completed an additional four years of dental school to master the craft of oral surgery. He takes his time to completely evaluate every case and understand fully where every mechanism in the mouth is, and how altering one can have an effect on all the other tissues in the mouth. If you’re worried about procedural failure, speak with Dr. Sedaros and he can give you a play by play of what will happen during your surgery, and how he will deal with any deviance to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Oral surgery is certainly a big deal, and worrying about your procedure is entirely natural. Know that no matter what your concerns are, Dr. Sedaros and his team of highly skilled surgical assistants will be able to thoroughly explain your procedure and quell any apprehension you may have. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while we work to restore your life with the magic of oral surgery.