The WHY Behind Dental Implants

At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery and Dental Implants, we know that you want to be a co-creator of your dental treatment and that you want to understand the why behind our treatment recommendations. When you are referred to an oral surgeon, you may be unsure whether dental implants are right for you.

We all hope that our teeth will last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t. In fact, 25% of US adults over age 65 have lost all of their teeth. It’s important to replace those missing teeth not only for cosmetic reasons, but to preserve total body health as well. With a tooth missing, you cannot bite or chew food properly, and a missing tooth can allow neighboring teeth to drift, become loose, and create further dental problems.

Dental implants offer a predictable and permanent solution that means you can leave the work in place without future fittings or necessary replacements (although of course rare exceptions can arise). Sedaros Oral and Facial Surgery is your Melbourne oral surgery resource dedicated to making sure your dental implants meet your needs and preserve your smile for years to come!