It’s no surprise that surgery is a very serious occurrence in your life. The use of anesthesia is very common and safe, however the precautions and guidelines your oral surgeon provides you with are very important to follow. Here are a few reasons why following your oral surgeon’s anesthesia instructions are so important.

The Rule: You may not eat or drink anything eight hours prior to your surgery.

The Reason: Because you will be sedated you will not be able to control muscles you normally are able to. Your gag reflex will be impaired and whatever is in your stomach, food or liquid, can come up and cause pulmonary aspiration. This choking can be fatal.

The Rule: No smoking 12 hours before surgery.

The Reason: Cigarette smoke contains 4000 substances that can interfere with surgery. Many interfere with your cardiovascular health and some can have adverse affects on the anesthesia that interfere with the transport delivery and uptake. Ideally you should stop smoking eight weeks before surgery, however for some that may be too hard and stopping 24 hours before can help immensely. Smoking can also inhibit and lengthen your recovery; it’s best to quit completely.

The Rule: A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the surgery and drive them home.

The Reason: Anesthesia seriously affects your ability to operate machinery. You will need a ride to and from the surgeon.

The Rule: Talk with your surgeon about any medications you are taking before your surgery.

The Reason: Some routine medications can complicate a surgery. When your surgery is scheduled, make sure you discuss any and all medications you take to ensure they will not interfere with your surgery.

The Rule: Do not wear makeup or nail polish on the day of the surgery.

The Reason: Interestingly enough, the probe placed on your finger to read blood oxygen levels cannot take a reading through acrylic nails or nail polish. Makeup can mask the pallor of your skin and hinder the surgeon’s ability to understand how you are handling the surgery.

The use of anesthesia during surgery, while safe, is very serious. It’s important to understand why your doctor requires you to follow so many rules. For a caring and gentle surgery with an experienced oral surgeon, contact Dr. Sedaros today.