Have you ever gotten a toothache and felt it somewhere else in your face? This is because the nerves in your mouth are part of your central nervous system. These nerves span throughout your entire body. Problems in your mouth, like cavities, gum disease, root canals, and even improperly aligned dental bridges, can contribute to other problems and even make them worse.

The Mouth and Nerve Connection

Recent studies on the connection between the mouth and other parts of your body have led scientists to believe that the teeth and central nervous system behave similarly to circuit breakers. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 46 percent of the sensory nerves responsible for motor control and feeling run through the face.

Heart disease, diabetes, and chronic inflammatory conditions have all been linked to oral health problems. It is now believed that the nerves in the mouth connect to all the organs in the body, leading to dysfunction.

Back Pain and Misaligned Bites due to Misaligned Oral Appliances

According to research reported by ICNR, a man reported back pain after receiving a hip replacement. Understandably, the back pain was first attributed to weak back muscles due to the replacement. However, upon conducting applied kinesiology techniques, it was determined that his back muscles severely weakened when he closed his mouth and pushed his teeth together. The cause of the dysfunction was a bridge that had been inserted years earlier. However, over time, it had become maladjusted. After having the bridge adjusted and the bite corrected, the man’s back pain was significantly reduced.

Filling Induced Bite Problems and Facial Pain

How an individual’s teeth come together when they bite down can affect overall health. For example, getting a cavity filled may seem like a simple and routine procedure. However, if the filling isn’t filed correctly, it can cause an improper bite that puts an abnormal amount of pressure on the jaw and the rest of the bones in the skull. Since most people wouldn’t attribute TMJ symptoms, increased headache, and even symptoms of Bell’s Palsy with dental fillings and implants, the cause can go undiagnosed for years.

The good news is that fillings can be filed to achieve a better bite. Cranial adjustments can help restore the balance of the bones in the skull and reduce symptoms. All it takes is the experience of a skilled dental surgeon or orthodontist to help diagnose the problems and create the right treatment plan.

The Connection Between The Heart and Mouth

The heart and mouth are intricately connected. When the mouth is full of inflammation and infection, it can negatively affect the heart, resulting in an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and even arterial inflammation. When oral health problems are corrected, the individual experiences a reduced risk for heart disease and its complications.

The Connection Between Diabetes and The Mouth

The connection between the nerves in your mouth and diabetes is also quite strong. When an individual has oral health problems, the risk of developing diabetes is much stronger. As we all know, chronically high levels of blood sugar can cause nerve pain and loss of feeling in the hands and feet. When oral health infections are corrected and kept under control, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced. For people with diabetes, they have an easier time controlling their blood sugar levels.

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