Our patients have listed several reasons for wanting dental implants. People come to Dr. Sedaros for dental implants because:

  • they’re tired of painful, uncomfortable, annoying dentures that don’t maintain their fit for long
  • they’re embarrassed about missing teeth
  • after trauma or injury, a dental implant can replace missing teeth better than partial dentures or other removable devices

But did you know there’s another reason to pursue dental implants? Cost!

Dental implants are cost-effective because they last a lifetime in most cases and don’t require the replacement, maintenance, or refitting required of dentures.

Dental implants are also cost-effective in that they preserve neighboring teeth, the jaw line, the gum line, and other facial features. Dental implants, therefore, prevent additional dental work because they keep all of the adjacent tissues and structures in place.

In addition, dental implants can save on long-term health costs associated with poor nutrition due to diminished ability to chew certain foods. Instead of investing in vitamins, invest in the dental implants that will allow you to chew nature’s most nutritious foods again!

Most of all, dental implants are cost-effective because the dividends paid on a great smile are immeasurable. A beautiful smile often means you’re perceived as healthier, stronger, more capable, more friendly, and more competent. These perceptions translate into better relationships in the workplace.

If dental implants will improve your smile, they’re worth the investment!