As an oral surgeon, Dr. Sedaros, sees a lot of impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are simply teeth that do not emerge from the gum tissue. While that may seem a simple problem to solve, the implications of an impacted tooth can be a lot more than meets the eye.

Teeth can become impacted for many reasons. You’ve probably heard of impacted wisdom teeth. These are the most common teeth to become impacted because of crowding. However, any of your other teeth can become impacted due to crowding during adolescence. Teeth that become tilted or displaced as they attempt to emerge are also at risk of becoming impacted.

Often, with wisdom teeth, an impaction doesn’t cause any harm or pain. But, over time pressure from the tooth pressing on other teeth, that in turn press on other teeth can cause severe pain. Along with the pain, can come misalignment of teeth and problems with bite.

If the tooth partially emerges, it’s very easy for food and other bacteria to become trapped in the tissue surrounding the tooth. This can lead to infection and inflammation.

If you suspect you have an impacted tooth, you may have pain, notice that your teeth are shifting, have headaches, and may even have a difficult time opening your mouth from time to time. Give your oral surgeon at Sedaros Oral Surgery a call for a consultation. Dr. Sedaros will be able to examine your condition and give you a thorough diagnosis with treatment options.