For people who have had teeth extracted or are suffering from jawbone loss, receiving dental implants is unattainable unless a bone graft is performed. Bone grafting is an amazing technology that can help many people, especially those who would benefit from dental implants.

This process is pretty incredible. When you’re missing teeth, your jawbone is reabsorbed into your body over time. The bone left behind is poor quality, not suitable for placing an implant and can cause further complications.

To perform a bone graft, an oral surgeon will, “harvest” bone from your own jaw, hip or tibia, and even the skull depending on the size and type of defect. Donor tissue is also available. The surgeon will put the bone in place and as it heals the new bone will grow with the old bone.

After this procedure, Dr. Sedaros will be able to properly place implants to restore functionality and the appearance of the mouth and teeth. If you think you may be a good candidate for bone grafting, give Dr. Sedaros a call today. He’ll set you up with a consultation, and help get you back the smile you’ve been missing.