If you are looking for Teeth-in-an-hour in Melbourne, Florida then give Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants a call to schedule an appointment. If you want teeth but don’t want to wait months to get them while enduring months of procedures then this procedure is for you! Teeth-in-an-hour will give you complete dental implants or teeth replacements in about an hour.  Typically those in need of teeth replacement would have multiple, often painful surgeries over many months to get what can now be done in a fraction of that time.

With Teeth-in-an-hour, there is no more….

  • Multiple Visits to get Your New Teeth
  • Extensive Dental Surgeries
  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Extended Healing Time
  • Higher Costs
  • Avoiding certain hard to chew foods

Our dental office utilizes innovative that uses radiographic three-dimensional scans along with virtual reality software, so our office can create a completely accurate representation of your jaw. A template is then constructed, allowing for extremely precise dental implant placement. Teeth in an hour can be utilized for single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, and complete tooth replacement. These permanent acrylic bridges with titanium framework come with either acrylic or porcelain teeth. They can fit your top jaw, bottom jaw, or both. Since your Teeth-in-an-hour implants are created ahead of time using your CT scan, all you need to do is come in and have your new teeth fitted.

If you are interested in this procedure then give Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants a call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steve Sedaros.