Summer has proven to be yet another busy season for us here at Sedaros Oral Surgery. As summer begins winding down, the pressure is increasing for teens to have their wisdom teeth removed before the new school year begins.

While having third molars, or wisdom teeth extracted over summer vacation may not be on the top of your teen’s to-do list, parents typically prefer summer time extraction to avoid missed days of school. The removal of wisdom teeth is a common procedure and recovery time is fairly short allowing for end of summer activities to be quickly resumed. Slight bleeding, swelling, and moderate pain are expected in the first few days following the procedure, however, your daily routine and diet should only be affected for a few short days.

As your resource for wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne, Florida we will attempt to make every accommodation for your teen’s extraction prior to their return to school. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact the Sedaros Oral Surgery office today.