Proctor and Gamble recently announced an Oral-B toothbrush compatible with the iPhone and we’re your Melbourne FL oral surgery associates to bring the good news–brushing just got smarter!

You spend more time holding your iPhone than your toothbrush. That’s what makes this electronic toothbrush so exciting as it communicates tooth brushing stats with your iPhone’s Oral Blue app. It can provide real-time advice concerning your tooth brushing habits, telling you to brush longer, brush softer, or brush more vigorously. The app will keep track of the time you spend brushing your teeth while streaming news articles to keep you entertained in the process.

The technologically advanced toothbrush is expected to be available sometime in 2014 and will start at about $220. We doubt that’s the kind of toothbrush you’ll get as a parting gift when you leave the dentist’s office! We’ll be sure to let you know when the Oral-B brush hits the market. Until then, keep brushing and contact your Melbourne FL oral surgeon when you’re ready to see us!