Have you been putting off dental implants or a tooth extraction? There’s no better time than the present to take the first step towards improving your overall dental function and health. Now that Tax Day is just about behind us, it’s time to turn the focus to your dental health needs.

Regardless of whether you had to pay the IRS or the IRS is paying you this time around, now is a great time to make room in this year’s budget for your dental procedure. Seeking care from a qualified oral surgeon like Dr. Sedaros as soon as possible will help reduce risk and future problems.

Excuses are easy to find when trying to avoid seeing your oral surgeon in Melbourne, but your dental health depends on you finding just one reason to come see us! Contact our office today to take that first step and schedule your evaluation with Dr. Sedaros. We look forward to helping you put your oral surgery behind you and a lifelong healthy smile ahead of you!