At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we know that nobody plans on the expense associated with dental and oral surgery. We often work with parents concerned about the cost of wisdom tooth removal or patients anxious for pain relief but concerned about surgical cost. We work with insurance providers and offer Care Credit to make your oral surgery affordable, and on tax day, perhaps it’s time to schedule that appointment you’ve been delaying!

If you’ve come into a tax refund this April 15th, we’re happy to work with you to use those funds as a down payment on surgical services in order to help you find oral pain relief. If you need additional funding, talk to us about options available. If you’ve had a tax surprise that leaves you short-changed this season, please know that Care Credit options make oral surgery available at any time.

And as you plan for your 2014 oral surgery needs, consult your accountant about how your tax-free FLEX spending account or tax deductible medical expenses and mileage might fit into your overall 2014 tax planning strategy. On this tax day, remember to think long-term and invest in your oral health! Contact your Melbourne oral surgery associates today!