At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we can correct problems to the soft tissues of the mouth and jaw causing snoring and sleep apnea. While snoring may be considered by some people to be a simple annoyance, it can also lead to serious health conditions.

Snoring may increase risk of high blood pressure, stoke, cardiovascular disorders, heart failure, daytime fatigue, dementia, memory problems, diabetes, obesity, and depression. While some dentists offer mouth guards that can help, oral surgery may be able to correct the problem without the need for bulky appliances or noisy CPAP machines.

“Apneas” during sleep are cessations or irregularities in the breathing rhythm. The pauses can last from a few seconds to as long as minutes and can seriously deprive the brain of oxygen and disrupt your body’s chance at obtaining restful sleep. If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, a surgical solution might be right for you. Contact your Melbourne oral and maxillofacial surgery associates today!