At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we’re your Melbourne FL dental implant resource and we love rehabilitating smiles! All too often, however, we see tooth loss as a result of decades of smoking. The American Dental Association agrees that smoking is a major oral health risk, and they’ve invested in a Real Cost campaign to discourage teenagers from picking up the smoking habit.

Smoking has negative health affects throughout the body, but the teeth and gums are one of the places that damage from smoking is most visible. Aside from yellowed and stained teeth, smoking is directly linked to increased rates of tooth loss. At Sedaros Oral Surgery, dental implants as a result of smoking is something we encounter regularly.

The campaign for prevention will focus on teenagers in order to prevent smoking habits from forming. For adults who have been smoking, it’s still important to kick the habit for dental health. If you’re recovering from nicotine addiction and you’d like to repair your smile, give us a call at Sedaros Oral Surgery for your Melbourne dental implant consultation!