We see patients of all kinds suffering from facial trauma. Sports injuries, car accidents, slips and falls, and work injuries all contribute to common forms of facial trauma. If you’ve suffered that kind of injury, you know the physical suffering is nothing compared to the worries you may harbor about recovering your facial contours!

Dr. Sedaros has operated on patients with all manner of facial trauma including facial lacerations, oral lacerations, knocked out teeth, facial bones, and fractured jaws. Due to its prominent location, facial trauma requires specialized care, as it can cause emotional pain in addition to the physical injury. With the right surgeon, you’ll recover the beautiful face nature intended and you’ll enjoy all of the functionality of your original teeth, jaw, and supporting tissues.

While facial trauma certainly tests your ability to heal physically and emotionally, having the right surgeon on your team is one of the most important decisions on your path to facial recovery. If you’ve suffered facial trauma and you’re looking into 2016 hoping to recover the look and function of your oral and facial structures, we are happy to help!