Whether you have lost one or more teeth quickly or lost them slowly over time, you should not wait for dental implants.

You may be reluctant to get dental implants because you think there will always be time, and that you can get by with dentures or with a fixed bridge for a little while. You may be surprised, then, to learn that there are several reasons you should get dental implants as soon as possible after you lose a tooth.

8 Reasons You Should Get Dental Implants Sooner, Not Later

1. A dental implant is a complete tooth replacement that lasts for years

There are three main components to a dental implant – a post, an abutment and the crown. Normally made from titanium, the post resembles a screw that integrates into your jawbone like the root of a tooth. The crown, sometimes known as the restoration, looks like a natural tooth. The abutment holds the crown onto the post.

2. Stop your remaining teeth from moving

Your teeth help hold each other in place. When you lose a tooth, it leaves behind a gap. Your teeth shift position to fill in this gap. Unevenly spaced teeth detract from your smile; they could also cause a serious problem in that crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, which means regular brushing and flossing may leave harmful bacteria behind. Correcting uneven teeth may also cost you more money later on.

3. Protect nearby healthy teeth

Getting dental implants right away can protect your remaining teeth from movement and twisting that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

4. Conserve your jawbone

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone to maintain bone mass. Without your teeth, your jawbone deteriorates and shrinks away. Missing even one tooth causes the jawbone to deteriorate where the tooth used to be. The longer the space remains empty, the more the bone will disintegrate.

Other tooth replacement options, such as conventional dentures and fixed bridges, do not stimulate the jawbone and can therefore allow for bone deterioration. In time, there may not be enough bone left to support dental implants. Getting dental implants prevents bone loss and conserves your jawbone.

5. Fewer complications

Regular dentures can cause a number of uncomfortable complications, such as poor fit and mouth sores. Dentures may also cause sunken lips that change the appearance of your face. Dentures may also prevent you from enjoying some of your favorite foods, as tiny seeds always seem to find the gaps between your dentures and your gums. Conventional dentures may also make it difficult to bite or chew certain foods as your teeth slip and slide around the inside of your mouth.

6. Preserve the appearance of your face

Wearing dentures or going without one or more teeth can change how you look. This is especially true if you have suffered bone deterioration associated with tooth loss. Without dental implants to fill out your face, sagging skin in your cheeks can look years older than you really are.

7. Preserve the way you speak

Wearing dentures can make it difficult to pronounce everyday words, especially when you learning to wear new dentures, because dentures can slip and slide around in your mouth as you speak. Because they sit solidly in your mouth and act more like your natural teeth, dental implants will not change the way you talk.

8. Preserve your self-esteem

Dental implants allow you to keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a cup. Something changes the first time you put your teeth in a cup – you feel a little older and a little less healthy. These feelings of lost self-esteem may never fade, even if you get dental implants later. Getting dental implants first means you will never know the feeling of putting your teeth in a cup.

For more information on why you should never wait to have dental implants, consult with your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon. Dental implants can preserve your teeth, keep you looking young, make you feel great and can last for a lifetime. Dr. Sedaros has the training, expertise and access to the advanced dental technology that optimizes the outcome of dental implants, providing you with the bright, confident smile that you have always wanted.