As your trusted oral surgeon, we believe it’s important for our patients to have all the facts before they undergo a procedure or surgery. No surgery is filled with as many myths and mystery as the the removal of Wisdom Teeth. To better serve our patients, and the world at large, here are seven truths about wisdom teeth.

  1. Wisdom teeth are the last to last teeth to erupt in the adult mouth. They typically emerge between the ages of 17-25.
  2. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. If your final set of molars are properly aligned, do not cause pain and the surrounding gum tissue is healthy, you do not need to remove them.
  3. Wisdom teeth can grow in sideways, only partially emerge or even become trapped beneath the gum and bone. In these cases removal is encouraged.
  4. If your wisdom teeth are impacted it means that your wisdom teeth are being prevented from emerging because other teeth are in the way. This can be very painful and we would recommend their removal.
  5. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can allow bacteria to grow and cause infection.
  6. Pressure from emerging teeth can move your permanent teeth and cause pain.
  7. The most serious complication from wisdom teeth is when tumors or cysts form around an impacted tooth, surgery is strongly recommended under these circumstances.

Removal of wisdom teeth is a routine procedure that Dr. Sedaros has successfully performed for many years. From your first consultation to the day of extraction, he and his staff will ensure you are comfortable and well informed about your surgery. If you have any questions about this procedure or are having issues with your newly emerging wisdom teeth, don’t wait. Call Dr. Sedaros today.