As your resource for oral facial surgery and dental implants in Melbourne, Florida, we are continually working to improve the treatment process regarding both the health and comfort of our patients. We have recently participated in several Synergy Training Program (STP) sessions.

The last Synergy Training Program of the year will take place on Friday, August 22nd 2014. The study club discusses clinical treatment for our patients among a panel of expert dentists as well as a prosthodontist. At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we are proud to constantly evolve our education and enjoy promoting conversation among colleagues in order to improve the all around patient experience. Synergy Training Programs allow for doctor and process growth and encourage a sharing of ideas pertaining to the oral surgery field between experts.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we take our continuing education seriously and look forward to the informational Synergy Training Program on August 22nd. We enjoy the opportunity to learn how to better care for our patients.