We know the basics: brush morning and night, floss daily, visit the dentist twice yearly for dental checkups, and consult with Sedaros Oral Surgery when needed. But did you know that there are other steps you can take right now to bolster your oral health? Nutrition is essential for good health, and there are superfoods you can choose today to help fight disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. Today we begin a new series introducing six foods to bolster your dental health. First up: cheese!

Cheese is low in sugar and acid and high in calcium, making it an excellent choice to protect the enamel of your teeth. Cheese also contains casein, a protein found in milk that is particularly useful for fortifying the tooth’s surface. The casein in cheese can work to “remineralize” teeth, which is especially important if you’re prone to cavities. Yogurt also contains casein, calcium, and phosphates that can remineralize the teeth.

So in between your dental visits, be sure to much on some cheese and yogurt to provide your teeth with a boost of casein. Remineralization can even mean the difference between a small cavity growing into a problem or healing naturally. At Sedaros Oral and Facial Surgery, we want to see all of those teeth healthy and strong!