Restorative Sleep and Oral Alignment

The Journal of Prosthodontic Research has published a study that reinforces the close relationship between oral physiology and restorative sleep. In a standard population of university students during class time, 15 reported excessive sleepiness on the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Of those 15, 6 used a device for oral alignment during sleep for two months.

After two months of use, the 6 university students had lower Epworth Sleepiness Scale scores, better oxygen saturation during sleep, and more restorative rest. These students did not suffer from sleep apnea, but benefitted from improved oral alignment during rest.

Dental implants and wisdom tooth removal both retain and improve the shape and function of the mouth and jaw. A reduction in the mouth’s ability to retain its shape due to overcrowding or tooth loss can result in less restorative sleep over time. Call Sedaros Oral Surgery now for your Melbourne FL dental implants in order to maintain your dental health and total body health today!