At Sedaros Oral Surgery we take pride in providing exceptional patient care. Often our procedures require intravenous anesthesia sedation, which requires the patient to take several precautions in the hours leading up to the procedure. That’s why we’d like to share a few reminders about anesthesia and how to prepare for your upcoming procedure:

  • Do not eat or drink anything within eight hours of your appointment.
  • Do not smoke within twelve hours of your surgery. Decrease your smoking as soon as possible prior to your surgery.
  • Have a responsible adult accompany you to the surgery to drive you home. Do not operate machinery for 24 hours.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing with sleeves clothes with that can be rolled up beyond your elbow.
  • Your jewelry, contacts and dentures must be removed prior to the surgery.
  • Limit makeup, nail polish and other cosmetics on the day of surgery.
  • Let the Sedaros Oral Surgery staff know if you are experiencing any type of illness.
  • Please check with the staff regarding your daily prescription medication.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery we are proud to be your oral maxillofacial surgery resource in Melbourne, Florida. Please contact our office with any questions regarding your pre-surgery instructions.