Recovering from oral surgery can be difficult for some patients. With the functionality of the mouth impaired, it is important to know what to expect and how to best heal after your operation. While most people will undergo an oral surgery in their life, every healing experience is different; however, by following the instructions of your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon you can be on the road to recovery sooner than expected.

Prepare for Recovery

It’s true in sports, and it’s true for oral surgery: the best defense is a good offense. If you prepare your body and your mind for the recovery process, your recovery will go much smoother. This includes following instructions given to you by your oral surgeon before surgery. By not eating or drinking before your procedure you can stack the cards in your favor. If the anesthesiologist is able to do their job without a hitch, Dr. Sedaros will be able to operate on an ideal patient and provide predictable and precise care. The next most important things you can do to set yourself up for recovery success is make sure your body is ready for recovery. Eating right, staying hydrated and preparing your body for recovery can make or break your post operative experience. One of the most important things you can do to speed up your recovery is to quit smoking. Smoking introduces carcinogens into your body and can make it difficult for your cells to replenish and repair after surgery. It is recommended that you cease smoking one week before you go under the knife to allow your body to heal quickly and effectively.

What To Expect

After any surgical procedure you can expect to experience some down time. The amount of time your mouth and jaw are out of commission varies widely and depends on the procedure performed. Wisdom tooth removal, for example, may only require a few days to recover, while a more complex procedure such as zygomatic implants, or bone grafting and reconstruction will require a significantly longer recovery period. Each procedure has a unique list of helpful tips, however with most oral surgeries patients can expect, swelling, pain, bleeding, and sensitivity to the operation area. Most patients can expect to take pain medications as directed after surgery, as well as an altered diet consisting of mostly liquids and extremely soft foods. Most procedures will also require a follow-up appointment where your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon will assess your progress and provide further advice for optimal healing.

The Healing Process

Healing depends on many factors, age, procedure, and overall health all play an important role in the healing process. Depending on your exact procedure, Dr. Sedaros will give you a detailed list of instructions to follow to facilitate healthy healing. Avoiding foods and beverages that will agitate the site is the first thing you’ll want to do. You need to give your body a chance to heal and by avoiding hard, hot, cold, spicy, alcoholic, and acidic foods and beverages you can give your teeth, gums and jaw the rest they need to heal. Smoking and drinking out of straws are two minor activities that can significantly affect your body’s healing processes. The sucking motion causes pressure in the mouth that can result in a busted stitch or dry socket. Each body and procedure is different and will vary widely in how they heal. It is important to follow all instructions –  no matter how arbitrary they seem – to heal as fast as possible.

Your Follow-up

After every surgical procedure a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. This allows Dr. Sedaros to assess how you’re doing and know with certainty if the surgery was a success. It is important that you write down any concerns you may have while you’re healing to discuss with him. At this appointment, depending on your procedure, he can clear you to resume all normal activities or can help you transition into the next stage of healing. By discussing your concerns and experiences your Melbourne, Florida oral surgeon can help you heal faster by providing advice, expertise, and in some cases further treatment.

Surgery is a serious occurrence in a person’s life. No matter if you’re having your wisdom teeth removed or having damage from trauma reconciled it is important to follow all pre and post operative instructions. Doing so can improve your healing processes and ensure that your procedure heals as expected. If you have any questions about what to expect for your surgery, let us know. We love knowing our patients are educated and well informed about all aspects of their operations.