Undergoing oral surgery is just like any other surgery. Your oral surgeon takes every surgery very seriously, no matter if it’s jaw surgery or the extraction of multiple teeth. How you heal can dictate the future of your oral health. Should you find yourself needing multiple teeth extracted by your Melbourne oral surgeon, here are some tips to follow for a speedy, comfortable, and healthy recovery.

Removing multiple teeth may be necessary for many reasons. If you have excessive decay, your jaw is too crowded, or perhaps are preparing to place multiple dental implants for a healthier bite and function, you may undergo this procedure. Bleeding is normal after this procedure, to an extent. We will provide you with gauze, and if you begin to bleed place the gauze on the socket and bite lightly for about 30 minutes. This will cause the blood to clot, thus beginning the healing process. If bleeding persists after the 30 minutes, and you have not been drinking hot liquids, exercising or doing anything that may obviously cause extra bleeding, like lying down without your head elevated, call Dr. Sedaros immediately.

Do not rinse your mouth out the day of and after your procedure. It is important to let the blood in the socket clot and begin to heal before you begin a hygiene routine.

After the first day rinse your mouth out every four hours with warm salt water, and after eating to make sure no food particles are stuck in your healing sockets. If you’re wearing dentures, remove and rinse the dentures at least 4 times each day until you are 100 percent healed.

To decrease swelling using an ice pack is extremely effective. This can also help with pain management. You should not need it any longer than 36 hours.

If you have pain, OTC pain medication should do the trick; however, if you have severe pain and we have prescribed you stronger medication, use that. While we’re talking about medication, if you were also prescribed an antibiotic it’s important to take all of the pills and regardless of how you’re feeling.

If you have any questions about your multiple extraction, or would like more information how to properly heal from this procedure, please call us today. Dr. Sedaros prides himself on ensuring his patients are well informed of their conditions, treatments, and post operative instructions. We want to see you healed and with a smile you’re happy to show off.