As your local oral surgery associates we strive to provide you with exceptional patient care. Part of providing great care is making sure that our patients are informed about their upcoming procedure. If Dr. Sedaros has determined that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed then chances are you will have some questions about the procedure.

Typically wisdom teeth are removed under local anesthesia, laughing gas, or general anesthesia. Our oral surgery associates will be happy to discuss the options and risks associated with each decision prior to your procedure. After your wisdom teeth are removed, the gum is sutured. In order to control bleeding, you will need to bite down on the gauze in your mouth. After the procedure you will rest peacefully under our supervision until you are ready to be taken home. We will provide you with a postoperative kit, which will include instructions, prescription pain medicine, antibiotics and a follow-up appointment for suture removal. Suture-removal is scheduled for a week after the procedure.

If you have any questions leading up to your procedure or following your procedure, please feel free to contact your oral surgery associates at (321) 610-7868.