Parents are faced with the difficult task of preparing their child for what will happen during a tooth extraction. If a child is ill prepared, undergoing a dental extraction as a child can be a traumatizing and stressful experience that will leave a lasting impression. Luckily, there are a few things parents can do to properly prepare their child for a tooth extraction.

Everything from advanced planning and fully understanding the tooth extraction pre-procedure and post procedure instructions to working with an oral surgeon who has experience working with children can make the entire experience easier on both the parent and child. If your child is faced with having to go through an extraction, the following tips can help you properly prepare your child for the procedure.

Work with an Oral Surgeon who has Experience with Children’s Tooth Extractions

Finding an oral surgeon, like Dr. Sedaros in Melbourne, Florida, can make a huge difference in whether or not your child has a good experience when it comes to tooth extractions. Dr. Sedaros is not only an experienced oral surgeon who is committed to providing quality dental care to his patients, but he has extensive experience working specifically with children.

Tooth extractions for children may on the surface appear to be similar to adult tooth extractions, but they are very different on both the mental and physical side. Mentally, children are more likely to be scared, upset, and stressed out about the experience. An oral surgeon, like Dr. Sedaros, will know how to work with a child before, during, and after the procedure so the entire experience is less traumatic.

On a physical side, children’s tooth extractions are different from adults because their jaw and facial structure is different. If an inexperienced oral surgeon who is unfamiliar with children’s tooth extractions performs the procedure, it can result in complications that include everything from infections to prolonged pain.

Dr. Sedaros, like most experienced children’s oral surgeons, knows how to perform the tooth extraction in such a way that your child will not be uncomfortable and he or she will experience minimal side effects.

Familiarize Your Child with what to Expect Before, During, and After the Extraction

Children often react badly when they are faced with unfamiliar situations. Parents can make the extraction process easier by familiarizing their child with what to expect before, during, and after the extraction.

Some ways parents can familiarize their child with the tooth extraction process includes:

  • Role playing going to the dentist with your child
  • Talk about the procedure with them and listen to their fears or concerns
  • Read your child picture books about going to the dentist
  • Let your child talk and interact with the oral surgeon during the consultation to help him or her feel more comfortable
  • Play up the ‘fun’ sides of tooth extractions, such as getting to eat ice cream for several days

Educate Yourself on the Post Procedure Instructions and be Prepared

Proper preparation for how to handle post procedure care can make the extraction process easier for both you and your child. Before the day of the procedure, educate yourself on the care instructions you will be given for post extraction care. It is also a good idea to prepare by purchasing any and all additional items you will need to administer post procedure care.

Every child’s extraction process will be different, so post procedure care instructions may vary. However, the following are some general instructions that are usually given to all parents:

  • Apply clean gauze to the extraction site after the procedure to prevent bleeding
  • Use warm salt water as a rinse to keep the mouth and extraction site clean
  • Relieve pain with the use of children’s Tylenol
  • Reduce swelling and pain in the facial area and jaw with the use of an ice pack or bag of frozen veggies
  • Create a comfortable area for your child to rest and relax after the procedure
  • Prepare in advance your child’s favorite soft foods
  • Purchase a lot of ice cream, freezer pops, and other cold items to help with the pain and reduce swelling

Dental extractions don’t have to be traumatic, scary experience for children. With the proper preparations and the right oral surgeon, your child will feel comfortable and confident as he or she goes through this dental procedure. Dr. Sedaros is a caring, compassionate oral surgeon who will make the entire experience easier for both you and your child. Call Dr. Sedaros office today to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions you may have about children’s dental extractions.