The last thing you want to worry about when faced with the need to go through oral surgery is the preparation involved. In an effort to alleviate some of the stress you may be experiencing, the staff at Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants has prepared a comprehensive guide for prepping for oral surgery with anesthesia.

Steps Taken to Prepare You for Your Upcoming Oral Surgery and Anesthesia 

After your consultation with Dr. Sedaros, our staff will provide you instructions on how to prepare for your upcoming oral surgery.

Some of the things you will be instructed to do include the following:

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 8 hours before your appointment
  • Arrange to have an adult, defined as an individual over the age of 18, who will be able to drive you home and stay for the entire length of your appointment
  • Choose comfortable clothing, such as pajamas, sweatpants, and t-shirts, that you will wear for the appointment
  • Follow any instructions given for your medications. Occasionally you will be instructed to avoid taking a specific medication the morning of your appointment. Please check with Dr. Sedaros to see specific instructions for your appointment
  • Make arrangements so you are not driving, engaging in strenuous activity, or making important decisions for at least 24 hours after your appointment

All these instructions will be provided to you in written form. Providing written instructions allows you to stay prepared as you have the list in front of you and you don’t have to memorize every oral surgery preparation instruction.

Feel Free to Ask Questions About Your Oral Surgery Preparation

The staff at Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants wants you to feel confident that you are prepared for your upcoming oral surgery. We encourage you to ask any questions during your consultation. If you should have a question after your consultation, feel free to contact the office. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about your oral surgery and the preparation involved.