Many people choose partial or complete dentures to replace missing or damaged teeth because it is a non-surgical option. What these individuals do not realize is that while no surgery is required to place the partial or complete denture into the mouth, surgery may be needed in order to prepare the mouth for the dentures.

What Type of Surgery is Needed Before You can Get Dentures?

A surgical procedure known as pre-prosthetic may be needed before you are ready to get dentures. This surgical procedure is needed in order to prepare the bone ridge in the mouth for the partial or complete denture. While the partial or complete dentures could be placed without this surgery, it could present problems that include pain and discomfort.

There are several different types of surgical procedures that may be performed as part of pre-prosthetic dental surgery. Those procedures include:

  • Removal of any excessive bone
  • Reducing the bone ridge
  • Removing any excessive gum tissue
  • Smoothing and reshaping the bone
  • Exposing and removing impacted teeth

The goal of pre-prosthetic dental surgery is to reshape the bone ridge, which is where the partial or complete denture will sit so that it is the right size and shape. By reshaping the bone so it is the proper shape and size, it guarantees that you have the maximum level of comfort when wearing the partial or complete dentures.

Taking a Closer Look at Bone Smoothing and Reshaping

Sometimes when a tooth is removed during an extraction tiny little pieces of bone are left behind. These pieces of bone are extremely sharp and uneven. Bone smoothing and reshaping remove any of those sharp and uneven pieces so the area is smooth. The area needs to be smooth so the partial or complete denture can sit comfortably in the mouth.

Bone smoothing and reshaping may happen when a tooth is extracted. However, sometimes it isn’t done during the extraction or a small piece of the bone worked its way through the gum after the extraction. When this happens it may be necessary to undergo a separate surgical procedure to smooth the area down in preparation for the partial or complete dentures.

A Closer Look at Removing Excessive Bone

Removing excessive bone isn’t always necessary for a patient to be able to wear partial or complete dentures. If the amount of excessive bone is fairly small, most dentists can make the dentures fit around the excessive bone. However, if the excessive bone is medium to large sized, the bone will need to be removed surgically in order to allow the dentures to fit correctly.

The placement of the excessive bone is also important. If the excessive bone is located near the cheek, on the lip or near the tongue, it will need to be removed no matter the size.

Excessive bone removal can be done when teeth are extracted. However, sometimes the excessive bone is not noticeable immediately after extraction or it is difficult to remove. When the bone is not removed as part of the extraction process an additional surgery needs to be scheduled in order to prepare their mouth for partial or complete dentures.

Schedule a Consultation with an Oral Surgeon to See if Pre-Prosthetic Surgery is Needed

The only way to tell if you will need pre-prosthetic surgery is to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon will run x-rays and conduct a visual examination. Once this is complete, your oral surgeon will provide you with recommendations for what type of pre-prosthetic surgery is needed.

Thinking of getting a partial or complete denture? Call Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants to schedule a consultation. Dr. Sedaros will review your individual case and determine what type of pre-prosthetic surgery may be needed before dentures can be placed. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss partial or complete dentures with Dr. Sedaros.