The team at Sedaros Oral Surgery knows that summer is a great time for pickup games of football on the beach and around the neighborhood. Yet each summer, we see patients needing oral surgery following sports injury during casual games of their favorite sports.

Contact sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and softball are great great exercise and lots of fun. These sports, however, often lead to oral injury and can mean a trip to your Melbourne oral surgery associates for a dental implant.  According to statistics from the Academy of General Dentistry, soccer players are more likely than football players to experience tooth damage, and this may be because mouthguards aren’t required in soccer.

Mouthguards can be fitted by your dentist or purchased at your local sporting goods store. Any time you’re playing a contact sport, a mouthguard is recommended to keep your teeth protecting from an impact. And if you or someone you love does face an injury requiring oral surgery this summer, contact your Melbourne FL oral surgeon for quick care.