It is an unfortunate perception but one none the less: oral surgery is no big deal. Perhaps it is because nearly every one you know has oral surgery when they have their wisdom teeth removed. However,  just because oral surgery is common does not mean it is without risk.  

Every time we perform oral surgery at Sedaros Oral Surgery, we do so with professionalism and care for detail. Becoming a surgeon is no small feat, especially when dealing with the extremely sensitive tissues and nerves of the mouth. When you or your teenager has their wisdom teeth extracted, you can be sure that you are in the good hands of a surgeon who understands that oral surgery is serious business.

Surgery of the teeth and jaw is an exacting surgery that must be done with care and precision. There are numerous nerves in the mouth and soft tissues that, if damaged, can cause serious and lasting complications for the patient. The mouth is a gateway to the body, and if something wrong happens during surgery it may affect the patient for years to come. As such, Dr. Sedaros takes great care to ensure he performs every surgery with skill and dexterity. It is important to him to know that his patient will have a smooth recovery and pain-free return to normalcy after surgery.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery we perform many maxillofacial surgeries. From extracting wisdom teeth to reconstructing the jaw following severe trauma, and everything in between. We understand that not being able to eat or speak normally for even a few days has a major effect on the patient. And, that healing correctly is just as important as the surgery. If a patient does not heal correctly, it can affect them for the rest of their life and may call for additional procedures. This is why it is so important to us to stress the point to our patients and explain how serious oral surgery actually is.

One of the things that makes oral surgery so serious is the  use of anesthesia. Anytime a patient receives  anesthesia they must take great care to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon. This includes fasting from food and drink for 24 hours before the surgery, not wearing makeup or nail polish, and having someone drive you home after your surgery. Everything the surgeon tells you to take into consideration before undergoing anesthesia is to ensure your safety. Serious complications can arise if these precautions are not taken. The surgeon will be able to do his best if  he knows you followed his instructions.

As important as it is to follow instructions before surgery, it is just as important to follow them after.  Your surgeon worked hard work to not damage any tissues nerves during surgery. Following recovery instructions will ensure that you heal correctly and require no further surgeries, depending on your condition. Not following post-operative instructions can mean a longer recovery time, increased pain, and high risk of infection. Dr. Sedaros wants all of his patients to be as comfortable as they can be,  which is why he will outline what you can and cannot do after surgery. If you desire a fast and painless recovery it is imperative that you follow his post operative instructions.

It is unfortunate that some people are under the impression that oral surgery is risk free because it is so commonly done. In reality there are many risks, from anesthesia to post-operative infections. Dr. Sedaros attended three extra years of dental school at the University of Florida to master the art of oral surgery to provide stunning results for his patients in Melbourne. Surgery to correct or reconstruct the complex maxillofacial region requires a special touch and a knowledgeable hand to perform.

If you ever have to undergo oral surgery it is extremely important that you understand the inherent risk associated with going under the knife. This means heading and adhering to all pre-operative instructions for anesthesia. Even the one about no nail polish, as arbitrary as it may seem there is a purpose for every instruction. Oral surgery is, after all, serious stuff. It also requires that you take extremely  good care of yourself after your operation. Understanding that every instruction and warning given to you about recovery will help you return to normal as soon as possible. Dry sockets and the case of wisdom teeth removal and infections for any other surgery are painful and can cause compounded, serious issues.

When you are prescribed oral surgery for any reason, remember that it is the compassionate care and knowledgeable guidance of your oral surgeon that will get you through the experience. If you have any questions about how to take care of yourself before and after your surgery don’t hesitate to ask. At Sedaros Oral Surgery we love knowledgeable and healthy patients.