Oral Surgery and Aging

At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery, we know that oral health knows no age limits. Before babies cut teeth and long into the aging process, dental health matters. Dental and facial surgery help preserve the function of the teeth and gums, which support good nutrition.

Removal and replacement of damaged teeth helps maintain the mouth’s normal function and supports a healthy, balanced diet. Because a well-balanced diet is essential at every age, keeping the teeth, gums, and jaw functional means keeping the entire body well-nourished.  Oftentimes, a change in appetite or new food aversions in an older adult can be traced to dental problems. If you notice an aging parent eating less or choosing only soft or room-temperature foods, a dental issue may be the cause. Repairing the dental issue could mean restoring the ability to eat a well-balanced diet.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery, we are passionate about dental health at every age. Call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll  help keep you family members healthy for years to come!