As your oral surgeon Melbourne FL, Dr. Sedaros is prepared to provide appropriate treatment should you experience a dental injury or facial trauma. However, if you are an avid sports player it’s important to understand just how beneficial mouthguard can be to your oral health.

While we all like to think that a trauma will never happen to us, we must always prepare as if they will. Even if you are just playing sports casually, accidents can happen. Wearing a mouthguard can reduce the severity of facial trauma including injuries to your jaw, lips and tongue. Mouthguards also greatly reduce the risk of broken teeth. According to the ADA, studies have suggested that athletes are 60 times more prone to mouth injuries. While high contact sports typically generate the most mouth injuries, they can also occur in non-contact supports.

Should you experience an unfortunate facial trauma or dental injury, please contact your oral surgeon Melbourne FL right away. We look forward to helping you in your time of need, and remember to wear those mouthguards!