At Sedaros Oral and Facial Surgery we have had a great summer so far helping our patients resolve their dental issues. We are proud to provide our patients experiencing terminal dentition with Teeth-in-an-Hour.

When a patient has terminal dentition, they require removal of their existing teeth, which are then replaced with a new set attached to surgically implanted permanent anchors. Technology developed by Nobel Biocare combined with doctor and surgeon knowledge allows for a more efficient and safer process for the patient. The process for new teeth begins with a CAT scan of the jawbone from which a 3-D model is created in order to plan implant placement without further presence of the patient. The final prosthesis will be completely designed and fabricated before the surgery.

As your resource for oral surgery in Melbourne, Florida we truly enjoy providing patients with a reason to smile again. If you’re interested in learning how you could benefit from Teeth-in-an-Hour, please contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.