While wisdom teeth typically need to be removed in order to achieve optimal oral health, they are certainly an extraordinary part of our anatomy. As your oral surgeon in Melbourne, we’d like to share a few interesting facts about wisdom teeth that you might not have heard previously.

Wisdom teeth have been causing humans trouble for centuries. The first known wisdom tooth impaction belonged to the Magdalenian Girl, who lived in Europe approximately 15,000 years ago. Her skeleton originally led researchers to believe that her wisdom teeth had not yet erupted, but after further analysis it became clear that her wisdom teeth were impacted. It is believed that she experienced severe jaw pain due to the impaction.

Did you know that some people don’t develop wisdom teeth? It might seem like everyone you know has had their wisdom teeth removed, but actually a surprising 35% of people never develop their third molars. While the exact cause for someone to be born without wisdom teeth is unknown, evolution is the prime suspect.

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