If you start experiencing pain the back corners of your mouth, keep Dr. Sedaros in mind when looking for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Melbourne, Florida. It is extremely difficult to ignore when your mouth starts throbbing, your jaw begins to stiffen, and it’s tough to get through a meal.

You don’t have to suffer with these problems anymore because our office can extract your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that most people will get in their late teens or their early twenties. These teeth can be a valuable asset if your mouth has room and is healthy. However, more often then not they are misaligned and must be removed.

Most people have room in their mouth for about 28 teeth. Once your wisdom teeth come in that number will be 32, which most people’s jaw can’t accommodate for. When your jaw isn’t large enough, the wisdom teeth can become impacted, which means they are either unable to fully erupt or they become misaligned.

Even if your wisdom teeth come in fully they may come in sideways, which will cause your teeth to shift and move over time. Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can damage the nearby teeth. Once you have your wisdom teeth pulled, your teeth will be protected from the potential damage that could be caused.

Call our office at (321) 610-7868 to schedule an appointment to have your wisdom teeth extracted before they start causing you pain and problems.