Being referred to an oral surgeon can be a scary feeling. Surgeon is a loaded word that many people don’t understand, but there is nothing to fear when you come to Sedaros Oral Surgery.

Oral surgeons are specialists that can help those who need extensive dental work to repair and restore their oral function. You’ll find that no matter what procedure you’re seeing Dr. Sedaros for, you’re in good hands after the first appointment.

The first appointment you have at Sedaros Oral Surgery will consist of a comprehensive exam where Dr. Sedaros will evaluate your condition. He will fully explain your diagnoses and treatment options. Once you have a good idea of what needs to be done, and what you would like to do you will schedule a date for surgery.

To help Dr. Sedaros you can bring along, your surgical referral slip along with any x-rays you may have. A list of current medications, and your insurance information if applicable.

After meeting Dr. Sedaros and speaking with him about your treatment and surgery, you’ll feel more comfortable about your experience at the oral surgeon. You’ll feel confident in your treatment and his ability to restore your healthy smile. There is nothing to fear during your first visit to your Melbourne oral surgeon, and more importantly there is nothing to fear about undergoing oral surgery at Sedaros Oral Surgery.