Facial reconstruction is a group of surgical procedures that repair or reshape deformities of the head or face. The type of procedure depends on the type and severity of the injury, along with the person’s overall condition.

Maxillofacial surgery is a special type of dentistry that corrects diseases, injuries and defects of the face, jaw or mouth. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have advanced training in facial reconstruction. They have specialized knowledge of the maxillofacial area, which includes the bones and tissue of your lower face and jaw. They also have advanced knowledge of the palate, or roof of the mouth, and teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Procedures

The procedures they perform help to ease pain, repair deformities, and restore function in a person’s lower face. These procedures include:

  • Bone grafting involves transplanting bone from another area of the patient’s body to replace bone that is missing in their jaw.
  • Reconstructing the person’s jaw to correct an abnormal bite.
  • Treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which affect the joint and tissue where your lower jaw attaches to the skull.
  • Treating injuries related to trauma to the patient’s jaw, face, and mouth.
  • Correcting congenital abnormalities, which are present at birth, such as cleft lip and cleft palate.
  • Diagnosing and treating tumors, cysts, cancer and other growths of the head and neck.
  • Diagnosing the cause of chronic, long-lasting facial pain.
  • Treating facial injuries, such as damaged maxillofacial tissue or fractured bones in your face.
  • Dental implants in Melbourne.

When they assess trauma to the jaw or face, oral surgeons typically classify injuries into the following groups:

Soft tissue injuries – this group includes lacerations (cuts) to the skin and any kind of trauma to the gums or other soft tissues in the mouth.

Avulsed teeth – also known as “knocked out” teeth, avulsed teeth are very common; for the best chances of re-implanting their teeth, people with avulsed teeth should consult with a maxillofacial surgeon right away.

Bony injuries – injuries in this group affect the person’s entire face; bony injuries to the lower face may include fractured jaw bones, cheekbones, and palate.

Special Regions – includes the nerves in the salivary glands and other areas of the face.

Reasons for Facial Reconstruction after Maxillofacial Trauma

Trauma can cause cosmetic damage to someone’s face, but even a small amount of trauma can lead to serious health and dental concerns. Depending on the exact location of the injury, serious damage can affect someone’s ability to speak, swallow, or even breathe. Left untreated, facial trauma may cause disfigurement or permanent loss of function, such as seeing, chewing, speaking, and swallowing.

When someone breaks a bone in the lower part of their face, they are likely to go to the emergency room. After receiving emergency treatment, many patients do a follow-up appointment with a maxillofacial or oral surgeon. An oral surgeon can address damage to the teeth, soft tissue, and palate associated with a facial injury.

Left untreated, dental or facial trauma can lead to long-term problems, such as:

Loss of functionality – following a trauma, teeth may become loose in their sockets, which makes eating and speaking difficult.

Cosmetic appearance – chipped, broken or missing teeth can detract from your appealing smile; your oral surgeon can repair chipped, fractured and missing teeth to restore a patient’s smile.

Bite/jaw irregularities – Trauma can knock teeth out of alignment, and this can lead to TMJ disorders, uneven wear to teeth, and other complications.

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