The tools and methods that dental professionals use have changed over time. New research and technology directly impact how procedures are completed and what can be done to make them safer and less painful for patients. At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery and Dental Implants, our team stays on top of dental advancements to ensure we can offer our patients the latest and greatest techniques and procedures. If you are in need of dental surgery, also referred to as oral surgery, a dentist may recommend having L-PRF completed at the same time. L-PRF, or Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin can help quicken healing and help accelerate bone growth. Here are a few of the questions that you may have about L-PRF and the answers to those questions.

What Is L-PRF?

Think about what happens when you scrape your knee or cut your finger. Your blood starts to naturally clot, and the bleeding stops. Your body then scabs over and starts to heal. L-PRF is essentially a platelet therapy that takes your own blood and uses it to promote healing in the body. Your own platelets can help your mouth to heal after dental or oral surgery. And the white blood cells that are found help to promote natural bone growth. This is important as it helps your body to naturally and quickly heal after a dental procedure is completed.

When Is L-PRF Used?

L-PRF can be used to help patients heal after they have dental surgery and treatments completed. Some of those treatments include:

  • Bone defects
  • Coating of dental implants
  • Extraction sockets
  • Maxillary bone atrophy
  • Palatal defects
  • Recession coverage
  • Ridge augmentations
  • Sinus floor elevations
  • Wound management after surgical interventions

In addition to this, patients who have a high risk of infection or slow healing times after a surgery may benefit from this treatment. This includes smokers, those who are diabetic, those who may have a poor immune system, and more. This helps more patients get the treatment they need, while also helping them to heal faster.

What Are the Benefits of L-PRF?

L-PRF carries many benefits with it. The biggest benefit associated with L-PRF is that it helps patients who may not otherwise be a great candidate for a procedure get the procedure they need and heal well after that procedure is completed. L-PRF speeds up the healing process, helps to decrease the chances of infection and may also help to minimize the level of pain that patients experience after a procedure. L-PRF carries many benefits with it and does not have risks.

Is L-PRF Safe?

One of the top questions that oral surgeons hear when they discuss L-PRF with their patients is whether or not this treatment is safe. L-PRF uses your body’s own platelets and white blood cells. Those platelets and white blood cells are simply moved to the surgical site, helping that part of the body to heal. As such, it is very safe.

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