L-PRF is a unique treatment that uses your body’s own healing abilities to enhance the success of certain dental procedures. Specifically, it uses your white blood cells to promote healing. First, your oral surgeon will extract a sample of blood. The blood is sent to the lab and separated using a centrifuge. During this process, the blood is split into different parts based on the density of them. Then, the leukocytes (white blood cells) are extracted. 

Your oral surgeon then injects the leukocytes where you need growth factors to promote healing. They promote healing of the bone and possibly the dental pulp and they may even speed up the healing process. Additionally, the leukocytes assist in strengthening a weak area of a bone or inside part of your tooth.

Naturally, your body uses L-PRF for healing. Leukocytes even come to the rescue naturally when you have a simple paper cut. The leukocytes also go to work when you have a tooth extraction, so they’re already part of natural dental healing. They come to the site to help the area heal properly. When the natural healing process occurs, there isn’t an extremely high concentration of white blood cells that reach the area. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they may have a benefit when given at a high concentration directly at the site where you need them.

When L-PRF Benefits You 

An oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL may recommend this treatment if you are getting a dental implant and require a bone graft — a bone transplanted to an area where you lack bone. With dental implants in Melbourne, a bone graft may be necessary if you lack the jaw bone necessary to support the implants. Generally, this happens if you have a condition like gum disease that progressed and began destroying your jaw bone. 

After the bone graft, your dental surgeon may recommend the L-PRF. It’s given at the site of the bone graft or at the bone. They help the bone graft to heal more optimally. This makes sure the bone is strong enough to support your dental implants. On the other hand, it may help your jaw bone to grow and repair itself without a bone graft.  

Additionally, your dental surgeon may recommend L-PRF for a tooth that has trauma or decay that’s affecting the tooth pulp. The L-PRF is administered at the location to promote healing with the pulp. It may revitalize the pulp, so you don’t require a root canal — a procedure that consists of removing the damaged inside part of your tooth and replacing it with a material to support it. 

Why Choose L-PRF 

Besides the benefits L-PRF has on healing, it also has other benefits in terms of the type of treatment it is. If you prefer holistic treatments, you will be happy to know L-PRF is completely natural. It consists of blood from your own body.

Since it uses a substance from your own body, the risk of a reaction is reduced tremendously. There’s a very slight chance you’ll have an allergic reaction to your own blood being given back to you. The same applies to side effects. It’s very rare for side effects to occur since the treatment consists of your own blood without any additives or foreign substances. 

In conclusion, L-PRF is a revolutionary treatment that’s helping change the way oral surgeons perform dental implant surgery and other aspects of oral health. It’s similar to platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy. However, it’s a treatment especially for the dental industry and its patients.

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