At Sedaros Oral Surgery we go to great lengths in order to ensure our patients are not only well cared for but well informed. Summer is an active season for most and therefore it is a common time for facial injuries including your teeth. Should you experience a tooth or dental structure injury this summer we want you to be prepared.

Oral surgeons are generally involved in treating the fractures in the supporting bone or replanting teeth that have been knocked out or displaced. Several different types of treatment can be used to correct these issues. Wiring or bonding teeth together may be required treatment. If you or someone you know gets a tooth knocked out, place the tooth in a cup of milk or salt water in order to keep it viable for replantation. Don’t wipe the tooth, as ligament remnants may be attached and are vital to replanting the tooth successfully. Seeing an oral surgeon or dentist as soon as possible increases the chances of success.

As your Melbourne, Florida oral surgery associates we are glad to provide you with high quality care in your time of need. Contact our office if you have any questions regarding treatment options.