Are you unhappy with the current status of your dental health? If your teeth are damaged or missing and you find yourself constantly hiding your smile when you talk and laugh, or if you have trouble chewing and eating, then Teeth-in-an-Hour might just be the right solution for you.

As your oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL, Dr. Sedaros wants all of his patients to enjoy a beautiful, functioning mouth. That’s why he proudly offers Teeth-in-an-Hour, which is a single procedure lasting approximately one hour. The modern procedure allows for increased safety, comfort and more precise implant than ever before. Following the procedure, you will have restored dental health and functioning teeth. Patients typically resume their daily routine the following day.

If you’re interested in how your dental health could benefit from this cutting edge technology, then look no further than you oral surgeon in Melbourne, FL. We encourage you to contact our staff today in order to schedule your initial consultation.