As your Melbourne, Florida oral surgery associates we specialize in cleft lip and palate treatment. Repair of these features can have many benefits, which we would like to take a moment to share with you.

Surgery for a cleft lip is generally performed when a child is approximately ten years of age. The goal of cleft lip repair is to close the separation, restore muscle function, and provide a normal shape to the mouth. If the nostrils are also deformed they may become improved as a result of the initial surgery or may require and additional procedure. Cleft palate treatment has similar intentions but is generally performed when a child is between seven and eighteen months of age. The objectives of this surgery are to close the gap between the roof of the mouth and nose, reconnect the muscles that allow the palate to function, and make the repaired palate long enough so that it can function properly.

At Sedaros Oral Surgery we are proud to be your resource for cleft lip and palate repair. If you would like to schedule an evaluation for your child with Dr. Sedaros, contact our office for an appointment.