At Sedaros Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implants we provide the best in corrective dental surgery using the latest technology available. As an oral surgeon Melbourne FL we provide an assortment of procedures such as teeth implants and dental surgery. One area of care we provide is in correcting injuries caused due to facial trauma. Facial trauma is a broad term referring to various types of injuries that can cause damage to your teeth, jawbone, cheek, nose, and orbital bones. We can help you if you have been injured in such a way. Here is a brief overview of the causes of facial trauma and the various treatment methods we provide.

Causes of Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can have many causes. Some of the most common causes of damage to the face include motor vehicle accidents, severe falls, injuries during sporting activity, and workplace accidents. In many cases, these types of injuries can do far more than surface damage and can cause breaks in your underlying bone structure. Also, teeth can be knocked out requiring dental implants to correct. Preventing such injuries is often very difficult as you cannot predict the sudden accidents that often lead to facial trauma. The best you can do is follow proper safety procedures and exercise caution to reduce your odds of an accident. However, even with care there is no one-hundred percent solution to avoiding everything that could occur.

Signs You Have a Facial Fracture

The type of injury you have will cause different symptoms. However, no matter the nature of the fracture, there will be notable symptoms. These may include severe bruising, black eyes, a crooked nose, nosebleeds, vision difficulties, swollen forehead or cheeks, numbness, eye discoloration, trouble chewing, missing teeth, and pain when opening your mouth. The area you have a fracture will impact the symptoms you notice. For example, a jaw injury will lead to trouble with eating or speaking and issues with your teeth are often an obvious sign. The fracturing of the orbital bone will cause swelling and vision-related issues. It is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible no matter what symptoms you have as proper treatment improves your recovery.

Facial Fracture Treatment

Treatments for fractures vary based on the nature and extent of the injuries suffered. Also, where the injuries are located in your face impacts the proper treatment methods. Treatment can include wiring your jaw, resetting bones, and use of screws or plates to further set and strengthen bones. Dental implants can also be used to replace teeth that have been lost or damaged when you were injured. Treatment methods can be closed reduction or open reduction with closed methods not requiring incisions to set the bones and open ones involving incisions and more involved surgery. These treatments are predictable and detailed ensuring that you both heal properly and your appearance is minimally impacted. In addition, incisions are minimized and when made done in such a way as to limit scarring and recovery needs.

When You Need Facial Fracture Treatment

When you need a dental surgeon in Melbourne you need medical care you can trust and depend on. We are experienced in the areas of emergency care, treatment, long-term reconstruction surgery, and further rehabilitation. When you have been injured, we can provide the care you need to address your injury. When you need facial trauma treatment Melbourne FL we want to be your medical experts of choice. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.