Oral surgeons do much more than just pull wisdom teeth; we specialize in many forms of oral and maxillofacial conditions, including treating facial trauma. The Sedaros team is well versed in acute treatment and emergency care, as well as reconstruction and rehabilitation. Trauma is always unexpected, and as your trusted oral surgeon we go above and beyond to restore your original appearance following facial trauma, so you can go back to living your life.

Facial trauma comes in many forms: car accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, fights and workplace injuries. They can include serious issues such as broken teeth and fractured bones or lacerations to the soft tissue and gums. Dr. Sedaros is trained, skilled and uniquely qualified to treat every kind of facial trauma.

Facial trauma can cause undue emotional pain as well as physical because if not treated acutely it can alter a person’s appearance. This is why Dr. Sedaros exceeds modern standards of care. He has staff in local hospitals that can deliver emergency coverage for facial injures.

If you have any questions about acute or reconstructive surgery for facial trauma, call Dr. Sedaros today.